Thursday, August 29, 2013

A Little Something Every Day

Whenever I'm in a particularly rough place in my life, or just feeling down, it's easy to think things are always going to be like that.  I know I'm not alone in thinking this.  I want to encourage you all, though, that while it's natural for thoughts and feelings like these to arise, they are only transitory because the only thing constant is change!

Unfortunately, change can sometimes take awhile to occur.  Waiting for it to happen can, at times, be defeating.  Because of this, it's important to do what you can NOW to better your mood in the moment!  

Today, for example, I was in one of those "feeling sorry for myself" kind of moods.  While I did indulge that feeling a little bit, I also took active steps to zap it!  I said good morning to a total stranger (which was reciprocated!) on my way in to work;  I told the secretary at my work that her blouse looked lovely;  I bought myself a bouquet of flowers after work;  and I did a half hour of yoga in my apartment once I got home from work.

These conscious acts were very little, indeed, but oh-so helpful!  While today was still kind of crappy overall (some days just are!), saying hello, offering a compliment, buying some flowers and practicing yoga improved my mood profoundly!  You, too, can improve by just doing a little something every day.  I guarantee it will make you happier, if only in that moment.  Say hello to a stranger if that will make YOU smile, or have a square of chocolate after dinner if that will just totally bliss you out.  

Whatever pops into your head, do it!  Don't overanalyze or think about what little thing, or things, you should do, just do SOMETHING!  Over time these little "somethings" will become a larger part of the fiber that comprises your overall happy, healthy being :)

With love, light and happiness,