Sunday, September 29, 2013

Eat Better to Feel Better (With Recipe!)

It's no mystery that the better you eat, the better you feel!  So if you find yourself in a slump, maybe you're anxious, tired, depressed, even, think about what you're eating.  The feelings you're experiencing are likely being triggered by your food intake.

It might not even be that you're eating "unhealthfully," per se, but maybe something you are having regularly just ain't serving you!

While I don't have all the answers for you and your individual self (although if you'd like to work with me and schedule a free health consultation, click here!), I am offering a recipe for a green smoothie that might help kickstart things for you and turn your mood--and energy levels--around!

Green smoothies are such a wonderful way to get in healthy fruits and vegetables because they taste AMAZING! Or they can, at least.  Rest assured, this one does!

I will mention that you should stick to this exact recipe when you're getting started--and maybe even if you're not!  Why?  There are SO many smoothie recipes out there with everything but the kitchen sink in them--banana, flax, chia, shredded coconut, almond mylk, spirulina, wheat grass, pea protein, blueberries, pineapple, parsley, cucumber, hemp hearts, avocado.

You get the idea.

The more ingredients you put into a smoothie, even if they're "healthy" ingredients, the more work your body is going to have to do to digest everything and this can be a lot of work for the body, even though it's essentially a liquid so K.I.S.S.

Oh!  And make sure and "chew" your smoothie.


Banana-Berry Green Smoothie

Serves 1

(Add in this order)

1 c. filtered water
1 T. ground flax seed
2 kale leaves, stalks removed (similarly, you can use one cup of tightly packed spinach)
1 banana, cut in halves for easier blending
1/2 cup berries, heaping (here's where you can be creative and decide which berries to use!)
Small knob ginger

Blend everything and enjoy!  Warning:  this smoothie is tasty so you'll want to chug it down but please resist the urge to do so!  You want to S-A-V-O-R it and chew ;)

With love, light and happiness,