Sunday, September 22, 2013

Love the You of Now


It is human nature to compare.  We compare what this summer is like, relative to last.  We compare this season of our favorite TV show to the previous.  We compare the spaghetti our mother-in-law makes to what our own mother makes (hers is better).

But we also compare ourselves--not just to others but to our past selves, particularly our past selves.

However, we're not the same person we were a year ago, or yesterday, for that matter, so to compare any part of ourselves--our physical bodies, our level of confidence, our careers, our amount of free time, our motivation to cook--to that person just isn't fair.  To try and compare these two people, essentially, would be like trying to compare Stanley Kubrick's The Shining to the 1997 remake.  You just can't do it!

We are constantly evolving and, as such, becoming a different person each and every moment.  This 'new' person may manifest herself over a long period of time or maybe just a little while, but this new person is incredible!  It's exciting to be a new person today!

So you used to have hair the color of roasted chestnuts that's now streaked with gray?  Call that gray silver and look at each strand with delight.  View the strands as obstacles you overcame in your life that made you the strong, vibrant person you are now!  

So you used to have the energy to wake up at 4:30 am before work to exercise but now would rather sleep?  Honor your present body and mind and focus on the good you're doing for it by allowing yourself sleep.  Think about how what you need in your life right now--that is, what your present self needs--is rest and not intense, 4:30-am cardio.  It doesn't matter that the you of "then" needed it, the you of "now" doesn't, so don't waste your time thinking about her!

I'd love to know who you all are now!  What are the amazing qualities that make up your present selves?  Do you fully embrace these qualities or do you let comparative thoughts to your past selves bring you down?  Please, if you do currently compare yourself, stop it now and begin to focus on the AMAZING you of present, and share with me who that person is!  Hopefully by sharing, you'll be able to focus on that truly special person too and begin to cultivate even greater self love.

With love, light and happiness,