Saturday, September 14, 2013

Your Health Journey

Variations of the phrase "health journey" are floating around all over the place right now--online, in health magazines, on Twitter, you name it!  But what does this phrase even mean?  What is a health journey?  Believe me, it trips up the likes of people like me, who are super into health, as well as people who wouldn't know a stalk of kale from a Swiss chard leaf.

While there is no definitive definition out there, I am here to share with you my interpretation of what a "health journey" means to me, and it really doesn't matter if my interpretation is "correct" or not.  It's how I apply my understanding of the phrase to my life.  The same goes with you and your application of the phrase to your life!

We're all on a journey.  We're constantly discovering new foods and ways of preparing them, deciding what to take or not take with those foods, be it supplements, herbs, what have you.  We're doing things for our body, mind and spirit, all in an effort to be "healthy."  Some of us think more about this than others but we all are making these discoveries about ourselves each and every day.  This is the health journey.  It's discovering who we are and meeting ourselves with where we're at in the ever-changing present moment.

I have found, from being in health school right now, and by connecting with people who are also into healthy living, that "healthy" seems to equate to "best."  When it comes down to it, people make all sorts of lifestyle choices in an effort to become their best self, and once there, they have completed the "journey."  That is to say, once they think they've found the answer to x, y or z, there's nowhere else to progress.

But does the journey ever end?  Do we want it to?  What would it mean if we finally became our healthiest self, and what would happen?

So let me answer these questions, again, with my own understanding.

First of all, the journey never ends...and we certainly wouldn't want it to!  Part of living is D-I-S-C-O-V-E-R-I-N-G what works or doesn't work, and just when you think you've found the answer, it changes!  This makes life exciting and interesting.

To speak more specifically to health, let me address food.  Certain foods support our physical, day-to-day lives.  Certain foods make our tummies happy.  Certain foods allow us to feel vibrant and energetic.  However, these foods differ from person to person and even within the same person, these foods change...constantly.  What served you once might not serve you in the future.  What upset your stomach in the past might not now.  What you used to dislike you might now love.  Be open to change within yourself.

I offer you, in closing, and as some sort of relief, that we will never be our "healthiest" self.  One's health journey will never be over and we'll never reach an end destination.  Even if you think you have reached a point where there's nowhere to improve, you'll find there is!  So will begin a new phase of the journey.

With love, light and happiness,