Sunday, August 4, 2013

Primary Food Indulgence

Perhaps it's no secret that I am somewhat of an introvert.  I strike up conversations easily, I'm bubbly and I like to think I have a good personality, but when it comes down to it, I have a hard time putting myself out there and making friends.

I don't say this to evoke sympathy.  I say this to be honest and to share with YOU all, who, perhaps, might be in a similar situation, that you can change this!  I am!  Changing routines and trying to be more social is definitely an ongoing challenge but the first step in overcoming this challenge is to be aware of it (which I am) and the second step is to make positive steps to change it, and I'm doing that too!

Today was a perfect example of breaking away from my usual, reclusive Sunday routine of staying in my apartment and maybe cooking some food to have on hand for the week.  While cooking is important, especially for incorporating healthier "secondary foods" into your lifestyle, just as important is the incorporation of healthy "primary foods," like relationships, activities, spiritual practices, etc.

Today I indulged in primary foods by sharing a beautiful lunch with one of my dear friends from work, Louis, and his ADORABLE mom, Lydia.  Lydia is seriously a woman whom I want to strive and be like when I'm 65.  She was not only beautiful but she had a totally optimistic personality, was in great shape and super funny...not to mention, her hat was too cute!

Although I ate way too much and am pretty darn stuffed as I sit here typing this, the wonderful company more than justified my fullness.  I laughed, I talked with food in my mouth at some points and I didn't chew my food into oblivion, but that's okay because today the food I was putting into my body was less important than was the event of eating with friends and being present in that space.

So if you're like me and don't necessarily set aside the time you should to do social things or try and meet new friends, see if there are ways you might be able to change this.  While it's comfortable to have your own way of doing things and have a comfy schedule, it is so important to foster relationships.  Yes, they are work, and are often difficult, but they're worth it.

To use me, again, as an example, I am trying to create relationships in this new city of mine by inviting myself to goings-on and asking others if they'd like to do x, y or z.  Not every invitation manifests itself into reality but the fact is, I'm trying to put myself out there.  I'm taking active steps.

Today's lunch at Herbivore with Louis and Lydia was my idea.  I knew I didn't really have anything planned for the day (except for maybe the usual cooking, as I mentioned), and so I thought lunch would be nice, and instead of letting it slip into one of those things "we should do," I cemented a time and place and voila!  It happened.

You can do the same.  Decide on a fun activity, think of someone with whom you might want to share that activity and then make it happen!  You have the power to change your habits.  Your "old ways" are not what define you.  You're constantly changing and evolving.  Who you are yesterday, including the "secondary foods" you ate or the "primary foods" in which you were lacking, is not who you have to be tomorrow.  Maybe it's the first day you decide to have a salad for lunch, or maybe it's the first day you decide to eat lunch with a total stranger at a free table.

Whatever it is, indulge!

Love, light and happiness,