Monday, August 5, 2013

You and the Moon

I woke up today feeling pretty bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, despite having gotten only five hours of sleep last night.  For me, and I think for everybody, five hours is not nearly enough sleep, and I certainly do not make a habit of getting so little.

That said, I was alert and energetic early this morning, ready to take on the day.  As mid-morning drew near, however, total and utter tiredness overcame me.  I initially attributed this sleepiness to my short night's sleep, but as the day progressed and I was just as tired, if not more so, I thought, there must be something else at play.  I was REALLY exhausted.

Between intermittent naps on the train ride home, I whipped out my iPhone to start Googling phases of the moon.  We, as human beings of Planet Earth and the universe, are so intrinsically linked that when nature experiences shifts, changes, what have you, so too do we.  Our bodies, for example, are comprised of approximately 60 percent water so when it's "high tide," we experience shifts in our own constitutional being.

Anyway, from my Google research, I discovered that today, August 5th, 2013, the moon is in its "new" phase.  A little more research revealed to me that during this particular phase, one tends to be at his/her lowest, energy-wise.  Oh my gosh!  Discovering this information gave me some comfort in knowing that my tiredness, while partly due to my five hours of sleep, was (and is, as I tiredly sit here typing this) also due to the phase of the moon.

The universe's awesomeness never ceases to amaze me.

The next time you're not feeling "yourself," I invite you to do a little research, like I did, to see if there might be some other "bigger" explanation out there.  Perhaps Mercury is in retrograde and that explains why you've been feeling so out of it!  You might unearth some revelations about yourself as well as your belief system, whatever that may be.  In any event, you will certainly expand your capacity for open-mindedness and that is definitely a skill worth cultivating.

Love, light and happiness,